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Ginger Beer

Sooo goood that it gets extra

Man I really could go for a Ginger Beer, but ordering them online is a tad pricey. There has to be some hippy food store around here that sells them. Well, if I have no luck in my search, I could always make some myself.

Really dude.

Man, I wish I was going to the San Diego comic-con..

Links You May Enjoy

Here are links I've found over the past couple weeks FOR YOU.

This is awesome. Its a comic about a dude building the mario blocks mentioned here by the mysterious Ryan North.

I'm pretty sure these are the most brilliant detective stories ever written.

Here is a link to a Digital Strips Podcast in which both Eric Burns of Websnark and Scott Kurtz of PVP are interviewed. Hearing the voices of these dudes was kind of surreal.

I've been reading Something Positive, and I would recommend it.I have almost caught up on all of the archived strips

This is my favorite Overcompensating so far.

That's all for now. Pretend it's your summer reading list or something.

Items of Interest

1. I wish I knew a place that would give me free food. That would be convenient.
2. I start tutoring 3d calc today.
3. I got an A in 3d calc but I don't know how, I think it's because the TA liked me.
4. I hope I don't have to go over Stokes or Green's theorem or pretty much anything about Curl or Divergence because I never understood those. Oh well...


Today I was singing "Sixteen-tons", the Forever Plaid version by myself in the computer lab, and man, I was belting out the bass part. Of course in comes the grad-student I'm working with. I'm sure he must of heard the "Stooooooooo000000OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooore" through the door.


When I awoke this morning, the following insult was in my head:

If I turned off the lights, by daybreak half of you would be cannibals and the other half dead, and in another day all of you would be dead.

You can clearly see this is an odd thing to have running through one's head upon awakening. I'm not even sure if it was meant to be an insult or a threat or what. I didn't even eat anything funny yesterday.


Today a Google News Headline was: "Horry's Shot Makes Rasheed the Goat Not Duncan" This makes no sense to me.

Various website updates

Information Overload will have at least five new articles this week! I'm excited. They should be really funny too.

I think Sardonic Partyland will have some new strips up soon, because I've neglected it for too long.

I have a new idea for a project that I can't tell you about, unfortunately. If you want to find it, it will find you. Sorry, but that's the kind of project it is. Forget about it.

Ummm... wow. That sounds really, really creepy. It just wouldn't work though if I told people where it was. Trust me, OK? Thanks.

Several Items of Interest to the Amateur Chef

1. If your pepper shaker is empty and you decide to pour pepper straight from the spice bottle, use much care or you will quickly have very peppery food.
2. If you've decided that it would be best to pour the pepper into your hands and then sprinkle it onto the food, use much care to avoid rubbing hands on your face. If you have rubbed hands onto face wait five minutes, it will feel like the temperature in the room just increased 40 degrees.
3. If you have no grill so you are cooking a burger in a frying pan, it is easy to get way too obtain a very greasey burger.
4. It is not a good idea to lift the burger with a spatula to try to cook off the grease. In recent trials fireballs of heights greater than one meter were observed.

Information Overload is Up

My most recent project Information Overload is going live. You should check it out cause it's awesome. Also, you could win Socky Mcdurgen. How could you say no to that?

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