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Now I'm over here:

The Deus Ex Machina

I am so happy I'm not going to be killed by homework today, Yay!

Stupid stupid stupid FOX.

Overcompensating feels my pain.

Cat and Girl

The webcomic Cat and Girl is incredible. You should read it. Actually pretty much any webcomic that respects Richard Brautigan and Belle and Sebastian works for me.

AIM Triton

Don't install the Beta for AIM Triton. It basically just blows. Here's a picture someone got while trying to reach me while I was using it.


It says "Your buddy is using a client that does not support the Instant Messaging function". They should probably finalize that feature before releasing the final version

The Honorable Samuel L.

When I read Bush's nomination for a replacement justice today I thought the name Samuel Alito was Samuel L. Jackson. I was quite confused for a few seconds.

My mind isn't working correctly I think.


Sometimes I think the iTunes randomizer is actually some guy who likes all the songs in my library that I don't like. He lives under my desk or something.

Two new projects...

Yeah, cause I don't have enough things to do already...

Anyway, I have ideas for two new web initiatives. They are both multiple author blogs. One would review free-ware, indie games. Basically it would end up like Game Hippo, but not poorly written.

The next project would review television commercials. Basically you could gripe about any commercials that particularly annoy you, and praise those that don't (or God-forbid influence you to make a purchase). So, if you're interested in either of these, contact me.

Matt's Random (Political) Comics: Reviewed!

I was googlng around today and saw that someone actually bothered to review Matt's Random (Political) Comics. The page looks like it got moved or something, so that link was to a google cache of the page. Scroll down past Get Your War On and similar comics. The best quote from the review is that "the wording is sometimes angry".

... yes I think so

What the what? Figure this one out, because I do not understand. Oh and turn your speakers off... bad music awaits the clicker.

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