True Story 

True Story

Here is a true story that is prompted by that picture of Napolean I posted last night:

I was going to have Napolean be a character in Fine Art. He was going to be Plato's boss at Telemarketing. I never made a strip at Plato's work, so none of these things ever occured.

This, The Daily Grind Iron-Man Cartooning Challenge, is cool. It is a challenge and bet between a bunch of prominent daily webcomic artists, including Scott Kurtz of PVP. Basically if one of the contestants is late with a posting, they lose their money. Last man standing wins.

I could see it going on for a long, long time.

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Comment Because it would suck. There's no point in doing work stuff, it would go against the flow of the strip. And there's no need for a Napolean character, he wouldn't fit in with the Greeks. These were ideas I had before the strip gelled. Now I just get to move with the groove.

Tue Mar 1, 2005 10:48 pm MST by MattF

Comment "I never made a strip at blah blah blah" sounds an aweful lot like you're quitting... or why couldn't you do that in the future?

Tue Mar 1, 2005 9:47 pm MST by Jesse

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