Infravision Oversoul 

Infravision Oversoul

So, my good friend Jesse Crater wrote this article for IO. It is good and timely and you should read it.

As I said before, my new apartment is swanky. I mean wood panelling?! I am allergic to it though (not the wood panelling, but the apartment). You know, so allergic it's crazy. It's like if I was living with 10 cats. I never lived with 10 cats, but I think I would be very allergic to them. Maybe one of my roommates has 10 cats. Maybe I should do a little investigation.

Let's talk about videogames now:

I read that Fable s coming out on the PC. Cross that off of the reasons that I want to play an Xbox.
I tried some demos for some games lately too:

The Myst 5 demo makes me sad. You see, I wanted to play a game where you can tap on things like Myst 4. (It does not take much to interest me.) Myst 5 does not have this feature. Also you can walk around with WASD. Did they not learn anything from Uru? Oh well.

Dungeon Siege 2: Very much like the first Dungeon Siege. It does have pretty graphics though. My problem with games like Dungeon Siege, by which I mean you control a whole party, is that I like to micromanage too much. This means that I end up pausing the game every 5 seconds during a battle to assign orders. It also means that equipping the loot I get takes way, way too long. I just wish you controlled just one character. I wouldn't get too bored, I promise.

I also have been playing the Battlefield 2 demo. This game is actually fun. I never played the first Battlefield, as it never worked on my old computer. This game actually entertains me though. Its especially cool because of the different styles of gameplay it offers. You can run around and shoot fps style at dudes and try to capture bases, or you can fly a plane (and in my case crash into mountains or the ground), or you can lead a squad and issue orders to your grunts, or you can be a medic/support unit and help out, or you can be a commander and order all the squads and fire artillery and drop supplies and stuff. I really enjoy being the commander. I'm pretty good at it. In fact I never lost a game while commanding.

Enough with videogames, more about me. I am very sunburnt. After spending summer generally indoors, I guess I hadn't prepared enough of a tan to survive the football game without sunscreen with band Saturday. Man have my trombonery skills decreased since last I played. I used to be able to hit a highish E flat or so without difficulty (I've only been playing for about a year), but now even that has become a challenge. I guess I should practice more.

This Digital Strips Interview with Tycho and Gabe is quite odd. Especially because they refer to each other as Tycho and Gabe throughout it. Don't they have names? It's strange I think. Maybe I should get people to call be my online name. Oh wait. I guess they already do. Weird.

Well, time to continue reading Irregular Webcomic. Only 300 more to go until I'm all caught up. Then it's time for bed.

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Thu Sep 15, 2005 6:30 am MST by kayla

Comment There might be mold in your walls, if you're feeling very allergic. And I just noticed you used oversoul...which is a word that rocks no matter how ridiculous the definition is: o·ver·soul n. In New England transcendentalism, a spiritual essence or vital force in the universe in which all souls participate and that therefore transcends individual consciousness. hey, some break we should get all our souls together and transcend individual consciousness. sound good?

Thu Sep 15, 2005 6:29 am MST by kayla

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