Freedom Force Versus The Third Reich 

Freedom Force Versus The Third Reich

The demo to the sequel to Freedom Force is out, and I'm reviewing it now. More later. If you want to review it yourself, it's all over IGN and ilk. More later.

The demo was quite good. It had a sense of the quirkiness of the original and improved several things. The game felt faster and none of the annoying things from the first game occured (bullets just missing, stupid ai). Also, the graphics are even prettier. All in all, it looks good!

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Comment I saw the original Freedom Force at Best Buy for $10. I considered getting it, but then thought it best that I don't. I wouldn't have the time to play it. Possibly not even the computer power to play, either (my computer is sad for gaming).

Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:44 pm MST by Baxter

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